What is a Union Family?

Many times we think of a family as a group of people sharing a common bond. That bond can be born into the family, married into the family, adopted into the fami-ly, or a combination of many ele-ments. In the end, they are still family no matter the differences in opinions, the color of their skin, the language they speak, or the gender they possess. We are blessed to call our Union brothers and sisters family.

For never in the history of our country have people been so di-vided. Many of the freedoms and values that we have come to cher-ish have come under attack.

It is easy for us to forget the hard-fought liberty that we have gained as Americans and focus on one issue as our values and beliefs are eroded and attacked on many fronts, but at the end of the day, we are united.

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Introducing Your New Secretary-Treasurer

pl-sec-tresHello Brothers and Sisters,

I began working in the grocery industry at the age of 16 for a local grocery store Raley's, following in the footsteps of my mother and grandfather. I soon began volunteering with my local union and eventually was hired on as a District Union Representative in 2005 and have been a very proud member of FAIR ever since.

I started out volunteering with FAIR, for then President John Heise, and was elected a Vice President. Since being elected as a VP with FAIR I've negotiated numerous contracts alongside Executive Vice President Paul Supat, as well as filed and settled a number of grievances throughout my years with FAIR.

I was recently asked to take on a new role as Secretary-Treasurer of FAIR, which I gladly accepted.

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FAIRs New Assistant to the President

Hello, my name is Michelle Valerio, I have recently joined the FAIR team as Assistant to the President. I work at UFCW 8 as an Office Assistant. In my seven years with Local 8, I have been dedicated and loyal to my job and our members. That same level of commitment and dedication will carry over in my position with FAIR.

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FAIR Welcomes Wes Young as Vice President

Wes YoungFAIR would like to take this opportunity to an-nounce the appointment of Wes Young to the position of Vice President.

Wes has been a long time Shop Steward of FAIR at Local 99 assisting in orga-nizing campaigns, grievances, and contract negotiations. Wes has served his Local Union as both a Union Representative and as a Organizer since 2003. He is the proud parent of three sons and is very active in their lives.

FAIR would like to say thank you for the many years of service Wes has already performed for the FAIR membership.

The Power of a Union Contract

Your Union contract is one of the most valuable assets a worker can have. A con-tract gives workers legal power and protection under the law by providing such protections as “just cause” and representation in discipline and discharge meet-ings. There are four mandatory bargaining areas in a contract:

1. Wages
2. Workplace Rules
3. Workplace Conditions
4. Benefits

Each Union Contract is tailored made for the workers it represents. Contracts are negotiated by the workers themselves and professional Union Representatives to ensure the contract fully represents and meets the needs or desires of the workers it covers. The workers, or bar-gaining unit, then vote to ratify the agreement.

Wages: Without a Union contract, workers are often forced to work for substandard wages and may go years without a wage increase. With a Union contract, you’re able to guarantee in writing what your wages will be and when they will increase.

Workplace Rules: Workers can negotiate rules and protections ending such workplace issues as favoritism and create new rules protecting advancement to full time, guaranteed hours, and many other issues faced by today’s workforce.

Workplace Conditions: Contracts can ensure you are working around safe equipment as well as provide proper staffing, work breaks and relief time to ensure a safe work environment.

Benefits: With a contract, you have a voice determining valuable workplace benefits like sick leave, vacation, healthcare, holidays and many other benefits you will have the right to negotiate.

With all the contracts workers sign for mortgages, cars, rental or lease agreements … even something as simple as renting a movie often requires a contract … all workers deserve to have a contract protecting them at work!

Contact Us

Who to Call?

For questions regarding your contract or possible grievances, first contact your Steward.

If you're not sure who your Steward is or you still have questions, please see the list of Regional Vice Presidents linked below. Your Regional Vice President, who has a direct line to the Executive Committee should the need arise.

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