Actions speak louder than words

Paul SupatI'd like to take a moment to talk about integrity. The things we say, and even more importantly, the things we do, are a direct reflection of our integrity and who we are, as individuals and as an organization.

Our goal every day is to lift up workers. This includes the sisters and brothers we work with within the Labor Movement and the members we are privileged to represent. It doesn't mean we win every grievance or get everything we want in each round of negotiations, but we put our best effort forward every time.

There will be times when you lose a campaign or when a meeting with an employer or member doesn't go as planned.  Wallowing over a negative outcome or blaming others for the results will often reflect more poorly on you. Acting with integrity means taking responsibility. Give an honest assessment and look at what you can do better the next time you have the opportunity.

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Meet a few of your new Vice Presidents

There have been a number of new FAIR Vice Presidents taking office this year. Please welcome them in your region, we’re here to help and assist our members:

sm jill kennedyJill Kennedy, Washington - International VP
Jill Kennedy worked with FAIR as the Region 7 Shope Steward and a member of Local 367. She comes from the Healthcare side of UFCW as a nurse and organizer. After 3 years of organizing and bargaining contracts she went to work for Local 21, working in the Seattle area for 4 years. Jill has dedicated the last 10 years to helping workers stand up for themselves and their co-workers thru organizing and collective bargaining with the support of her husband and family. She lives in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys crafting, fishing and outdoor recreation. Jill has four grown children and two grandchildren.

smAlycia Gideon2 edAlycia Gideon – UFCW Local 555, Oregon
Alycia has been a union representative with UFCW Local 555 in Portland, Oregon since 2017. Before that, she had brief tenures as a researcher for both SEIU Local 503 and a local ballot measure campaign. She has her BA degree from Barnard College at Columbia University and was born and raised in New Jersey. Alycia is excited to join the FAIR Executive Board!

smMonica SierraMonica Sierra – UFCW Local 99, Arizona
Monica has worked in the labor movement for 16 years and has been with Local 99 since 2014. She is passionate about helping others and standing up for those who may be afraid to speak up for themselves. She has a beautiful family, with three kids and a dog. She loves outdoor activities and traveling all over the world. As a new Vice-President, Monica pledges to learn every day and always to give her best.

smCodyAgeeCody Agee – UFCW Local 75, Ohio
Cody became a UFCW member in 2000, working his way from bagger to Asst. Produce Manager with Kroger in Ohio. As a Union Steward, Cody advocated for members to help protect the contract. Cody became a Union Representative with Local 75 in 2007 and became the Union Steward for the FAIR members at UFCW Local 75 in 2017. In December of 2019 Cody was sworn in as a Trenton City Council Member, beginning his first term in January 2020. 

smNikkiRich 1310 ColorWebNikki Rich – UFCW Local 655, Missouri
Nikki has been a UFCW member for 27 years working in the grocery retail industry. She has been with UFCW Local 655 for 14 years as an Organizer and Union Representative. Nikki is married and has two wonderful children, four dogs and a cat.

Introducing Your New Secretary-Treasurer

pl-sec-tresHello Brothers and Sisters,

I began working in the grocery industry at the age of 16 for a local grocery store Raley's, following in the footsteps of my mother and grandfather. I soon began volunteering with my local union and eventually was hired on as a District Union Representative in 2005 and have been a very proud member of FAIR ever since.

I started out volunteering with FAIR, for then President John Heise, and was elected a Vice President. Since being elected as a VP with FAIR I've negotiated numerous contracts alongside Executive Vice President Paul Supat, as well as filed and settled a number of grievances throughout my years with FAIR.

I was recently asked to take on a new role as Secretary-Treasurer of FAIR, which I gladly accepted.

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FAIRs New Assistant to the President

Hello, my name is Michelle Valerio, I have recently joined the FAIR team as Assistant to the President. I work at UFCW 8 as an Office Assistant. In my seven years with Local 8, I have been dedicated and loyal to my job and our members. That same level of commitment and dedication will carry over in my position with FAIR.

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FAIR Welcomes Wes Young as Vice President

Wes YoungFAIR would like to take this opportunity to an-nounce the appointment of Wes Young to the position of Vice President.

Wes has been a long time Shop Steward of FAIR at Local 99 assisting in orga-nizing campaigns, grievances, and contract negotiations. Wes has served his Local Union as both a Union Representative and as a Organizer since 2003. He is the proud parent of three sons and is very active in their lives.

FAIR would like to say thank you for the many years of service Wes has already performed for the FAIR membership.

Contact Us

Who to Call?

For questions regarding your contract or possible grievances, first contact your Steward.

If you're not sure who your Steward is or you still have questions, please see the list of Regional Vice Presidents linked below. Your Regional Vice President, who has a direct line to the Executive Committee should the need arise.

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