What is a Union Family?

Many times we think of a family as a group of people sharing a common bond. That bond can be born into the family, married into the family, adopted into the fami-ly, or a combination of many ele-ments. In the end, they are still family no matter the differences in opinions, the color of their skin, the language they speak, or the gender they possess. We are blessed to call our Union brothers and sisters family.

For never in the history of our country have people been so di-vided. Many of the freedoms and values that we have come to cher-ish have come under attack.

It is easy for us to forget the hard-fought liberty that we have gained as Americans and focus on one issue as our values and beliefs are eroded and attacked on many fronts, but at the end of the day, we are united.

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Welcome to our new FAIR Vice Presidents!

Alycia Gideon
UFCW Local 555, Oregon
(609) 672-9632

Jill Kennedy 
UFCW International, Washington
(360) 303-7216

Lance Heasley
UFCW International, West Virginia
(202) 394-4561

Luis Rosiles
UFCW International, Iowa
(202) 445-4583

Nicole Rich 
UFCW Local 655, Missouri
(314) 488-6511

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Who to Call?

For questions regarding your contract or possible grievances, first contact your Steward.

If you're not sure who your Steward is or you still have questions, please see the list of Regional Vice Presidents linked below. Your Regional Vice President, who has a direct line to the Executive Committee should the need arise.

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