What is a Union Family?

Many times we think of a family as a group of people sharing a common bond. That bond can be born into the family, married into the family, adopted into the fami-ly, or a combination of many ele-ments. In the end, they are still family no matter the differences in opinions, the color of their skin, the language they speak, or the gender they possess. We are blessed to call our Union brothers and sisters family.

For never in the history of our country have people been so di-vided. Many of the freedoms and values that we have come to cher-ish have come under attack.

It is easy for us to forget the hard-fought liberty that we have gained as Americans and focus on one issue as our values and beliefs are eroded and attacked on many fronts, but at the end of the day, we are united.

We should never forget, that as Union Members we are family and that we share many common issues, and some not so common, but at the end of the day, we are a melting pot of the strengths and values of our members.

Through our members and Union working together, we have been able to enjoy livable wages, healthcare benefits, and retire-ment benefits that are not found in many workplaces today.

As our future becomes a future of change in workplaces and beliefs we are stronger each day by the knowledge of members and the strengths of our ideas.

Taking the best of both and using it to form a pathway way toa better life for our members.

As a Union Family, we should always be striving to assist our members not only in our Union but other Unions as well.

America’s Unions have provided a pathway to millions of workers, giving us a voice in the workplace, when before there was only silence.

Many times I ask myself “Where would I be without my Union? Would I have a way to one day retire? Would I have affordable Health Care?” My thoughts always return to the fact that, because of my Union Brothers and Sisters, I have a good job, good benefits and a contract that offers job security, and just cause.

Many of the foundations of our contracts were laid by FAIR Members who are no longer with us, but the sacrifices they made to better our lives still endure. To those former members we owe our gratitude and thanks.

While no family is perfect, your Union Family is always ready to serve the members it represents.

As a member of the family, you are always a part of the brother and sisterhood we call FAIR.


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Who to Call?

For questions regarding your contract or possible grievances, first contact your Steward.

If you're not sure who your Steward is or you still have questions, please see the list of Regional Vice Presidents linked below. Your Regional Vice President, who has a direct line to the Executive Committee should the need arise.

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